About Josh Peterson Adteractive

Based in Manhattan, Josh Peterson Adteractive possesses experience as a start-up executive, investor, and entrepreneur. Throughout his career, Peterson has assisted businesses in myriad capacities, including operational management, analytics, legal, financing, and online advertising and marketing. As an angel investor, he has funded eight firms, including some in the information technology and health care fields. Two of the businesses benefiting from Josh Peterson’s aid function as top buyers of media from Facebook and Google.

In addition to contributing capital to firms, Josh Peterson Adteractive starts and advises them. As Chairman and founder of Rentfeeder.com, he offers guidance in information technology and product development to a company that features services in residential rental marketing syndication. Recently, Peterson spent six years as the Chairman of Adteractive, a performance marketing firm. There, he played an important role in every component of the firm’s creation and oversaw its growth from possessing less than $50,000 in start-up capital to earning $135 million in annual revenue. Another of his latest endeavors involved him acting as a founding investor for a leveraged roll-up venture health care company.

Outside of his professional accomplishments, Josh Peterson Adteractive supports several charities. For the better part of a year, he performed as Volunteer Operating Officer for charity: water, a nonprofit organization that provides clean and safe water to developing countries. Utilizing his skills as an investor, he participates with Kiva, which, founded in 2005, connects microfinance institutions with people across the world to create entrepreneurial opportunities. Through DonorsChoose.org, Peterson improves elementary schools by sending them money for necessary supplies.

Before beginning his career, Josh Peterson Adteractive earned a Bachelor of Science in Business from the University of Vermont. Subsequently, he enrolled in the Harvard Extension Program course Strategies for Business Negotiations. During his spare time, Peterson relaxes by kitesurfing, traveling the world, and playing guitar.


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